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Cotton & Jute Rug - Black Cotton & Jute Rug - Black

- 200cm x 150cm;- Jute & 100% cotton mix;- Hand woven in India- High quality;- Thick & hardwearing
Black & Natural Cushion Set Black & Natural Cushion Set

- Comes as a set of 2;- Both cushions 45cm square;- Include overstuffed polyester inserts;- 100% cotton;- Handmade in India;- Come vaccum packed
Terracotta Letter Vase Terracotta Letter Vase

– 25cm diametre x 41cm high;- Hand potted and designed in high quality terracotta;- Hand glazed in glossy red;- Heavy and solid construction;– Perfect for inside or outside;– Glazed internally to allow for water & soil
White Diamond Sculpture Pillar Candle - Set of 3 White Diamond Sculpture Pillar Candle - Set of 3

- Set of 3 (one of each size);- Sizes (L) 7cm diametre x 17cm high, (M) 7cm diametre x 13cm high & (S) 7cm diametre x 9cm high;- Burn time (L) 60 hrs, (M) 48hrs & (S) 25hrs;- Hand poured;- Non scented parrafin wax;- Quality cotton wick;- Burns through the...

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